DevOps engineer: IT’s most in-demand title for the future

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A DevOps engineer will need a combination of technical skills and workplace skills. You can also go down the certification route since some companies look for certifications in subjects like Linux administration and SQL server development. There are various online and in-person resources, such as this Hadoop Tutorial, available. In addition, we will support you in professional and personal development – we dedicate 20% of our work time to innovation and work on ourselves. You will get access to Pluralsight and an extensive corporate library; you will participate in training, conferences, meetups, and much more. As part of our monitoring, we ensure that everything in MS Azure works properly.

Moreover, the creation of DevOps professionals associations attests to the crucial importance of DevOps roles. With platforms and applications evolving at an overwhelming speed, supporting development methodologies have also undergone a sea-change over the last ten years. Concepts like Agile, Scrum, DevOps, and CI/CD have taken over the digital economy. The demand for DevOps experts across various roles is witnessing a steady spike.
We also clone the Development’s repositories when needed and make changes across them to the product itself. But the meaning, the actual role the person owns, and the skills they have must depend on the outcomes you want to achieve when hiring or reskilling. A DevOps engineer with 1-4 years of experience makes an average of $99,198 per year, while a DevOps engineer in their mid-career gets $123,961 per year. The average salary for a DevOps engineer with years of experience is $142,597 every year.

DevOps Engineer (Mid-level)

The career growth of DevOps engineers is expected to grow by 21% and produce 284,100 job opportunities between 2018 and 2028 in the US. Currently, there are 270,848 DevOps engineer jobs available in the US job market, which hints at the popularity of DevOps engineer jobs. With rapid advancements in DevOps methodologies, roles and responsibilities and new designations in the domain are emerging quickly. Though the skills and duties of DevOps experts overlap frequently, companies tend to list these roles separately. As a DevOps engineer, you need to possess extensive knowledge of the software development life cycle (SDLC). You also must be an expert in implementing various DevOps automation tools and processes to resolve complex operations problems.

You’ll get to choose what technical career track you want to pursue based on your DevOps engineer profile, like a systems engineer or a systems architect. You can grow into engineering management job titles too, following our clearly defined career paths. A large number of job descriptions for DevOps engineers ask for a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field at least.

DevOps Engineer Job Description: Skills, Roles and Responsibilities

One of the ways to get an idea about the kind of questions that could be asked in the interview is by going through the job description. While reading it, pay attention to the keywords, as they will most likely be the subjects of the interviewers’ questions. Platform engineers might not be responsible for a single application, but the whole infrastructure of the platform comes under their responsibility.
On a day-to-day basis, build engineers manage and maintain code, produce new forms, standardize automatic deployment, verify configuration requirements, and aid with release notes, among other things. DevOps engineers can be credited for administering and maintaining the company’s software system by coordinating with different teams. They are the engineers who aim to reduce the length of software development processes, improve the rate of updates, and enable more reliable releases.
DevOps Engineer Jobs Expand
A DevOps engineer is responsible for leading and coordinating different teams and their activities to develop and maintain a company’s software tools. DevOps is short for “development operations” and is concerned with automating software creation and construction. As a tech-forward staffing consultancy, our clients and candidates share our value of working stronger together. They’ve partnered with us throughout their careers, trusting us to discover cutting-edge roles that will challenge them and match their aspirations. We’re passionate about connecting talented IT professionals with companies that illustrate what impact looks like for their sectors. Organizations using DevOps have adopted integrated product teams that are empowered, autonomous, and networked.

New security issues have also arisen with the continuous development/deployment lifecycle becoming the standard across technology and software engineering. Enter the DevSecOps engineer, responsible for ensuring business-wide processes are safe, investigating breaches or information leaks, and building software to automate safeguarding. The average salary for this role is around £60,000, in line with the niche skills that come with working in this area. Our SRE, DevOps and cloud jobs team are always excited to discover the talented candidates that will lead organisations towards building better applications, user experiences and services. Like many other titles in the tech industry, the DevOps engineer title is subject to interpretation, and its meaning, the necessary skills, and core responsibilities will likely differ from one company to another. The actual DevOps engineer role will depend on each organization’s goals, growth phase, industry, and advancements in computer science.

  • In years to come, other titles may eclipse the popularity of the DevOps engineer role.
  • Organizations of all sizes across industries are now embracing the methodology and making hiring DevOps engineers a top business priority.
  • The company is run by the values of self-discipline, intellectual fortitude, and collaboration.
  • What’s important is that IT organizations provide autonomy to augment the title of DevOps engineer.
  • Cloud engineers are responsible for developing and implementing scalable cloud-based solutions, educating their clients or colleagues on how to utilise these technologies best to improve productivity and cost-efficiency.

Salaries for DevOps professionals are strong, despite a pandemic and a global economic crisis. However, you can still command an even higher salary with four straightforward strategies. By working closely together, they optimize application performance, streamline workflows, and achieve project success through effective communication, shared goals, and a coordinated approach to development and deployment. DevOps engineers use continuous monitoring to keep an eye on the application’s performance, downtimes, and error logs. Some of the primary tools used for monitoring include Zabbix, Nagios, and Splunk. We try to support the developers, helping to eliminate the bottlenecks and automating whatever we can – infrastructure or deployment configurations.
We provide unlimited sick days, so you can take care of yourself when you need it. A large part of the work is writing code – about 35% TypeScript programming, 30% C#, including, e.g., chatbot for CI/CD pipeline outputs and Selenium UI tests. That leaves about 20% for programming in Terraform and 25% for the rest – monitoring, configuration automation, Azure DevOps, Azure, Fastly CDN, etc. But, titles do matter when industries are going through major transformations. In its Nooglers, Google looks for Googlyness, a set of qualities that allow you to thrive in the company culture. The company is run by the values of self-discipline, intellectual fortitude, and collaboration.
Organizations that have implemented the DevOps philosophy are experiencing high performance and rapid growth (30 times faster deployment than competitors). According to the latest edition of Dice’s “2019 Tech Salary Report,” DevOps Engineer ranks in the top five of all tech salaries, commanding an average pay of $111,683. Whatever your career goals, you can achieve them at Anywhere because there is a well-established career growth framework for DevOps roles. You will clearly see how you can advance in your career and expand your DevOps skill set. As a DevOps engineer at Anywhere, you’ll enjoy professional development in your desired career track with your background. Even if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, you’ll get to design your detailed career growth plan and set SMART goals to act on it.
DevOps Engineer Jobs Expand
You can also job shadow other engineers and write code to automate the processes in your office if you’re in a tech position. DevOps engineers need to have quite a lot of experience with coding languages and software tools. One option is to get work experience in IT, system administration, or software development as a stepping stone towards becoming a DevOps engineer. Some offer certification in different DevOps areas of expertise that can enhance your DevOps engineer resume and skill set in a job. I admit that at the beginning of my IT career, my perception of a job title was extremely important. Here’s a quick personal story that underscores the importance (or lack thereof) of job titles in IT.
DevOps Engineer Jobs Expand
First, let’s explore why technology employees often put a lot of stock into their job titles. Once you have acquired all the necessary skills for a DevOps engineer job, you can make an impressive resume. Hence, you should make a resume that highlights your skills and expertise for a DevOps engineer position. Release managers oversee development pipeline strategies and coordinate with the teams involved.

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Since DevOps is a philosophy describing a new way of engineering that aligns tools, processes, and people, it evolves and adapts naturally as technology advances. As a result, DevOps supports innovation-driven enterprises operating in increasingly complex environments. Moreover, following the unprecedented digital transformation enabled by the global health pandemic, DevOps reached widespread adoption. Organizations of all sizes across industries are now embracing the methodology and making hiring DevOps engineers a top business priority. DevOps engineers are successfully enabling companies to maximize productivity through automation.

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