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TokenTact Arbitrage Bot Earn through Spot Futures Crypto Arbitrage

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This final step requires users to upload a government ID and to go through a facial recognition to ensure that they are indeed the owners of that ID. A flat fee of 0.05% is charged by the platform on buy/sell orders, i.e converting from one cryptocurrency to another. Of course, bots buy and sell automatically depending on the one chosen, but the user must closely monitor manual trades. In our review of TokenTact, we will consider all the critical features and fees to help you decide if it is good for you or not. Scroll down to find out what it offers and how it could work for you.

Every time one of your targets is attained, the bot will automatically sell a predetermined percentage of your remaining assets. This method also helps to reduce the amount of money that might be lost if the market unexpectedly reverses course. TokenTact’s YouTube channel features a few tutorials that you can use to learn more about how to activate and use some of the platform’s most popular trading bots.

  • To qualify for this program, you must deposit $300,000 or more in USDT to your account or maintain the equivalent of $300,000 or more in another supported coin or token.
  • GRID Bot is the emerging star among several crypto trading companies.
  • One parameter that is different from spot grid trading is the “Reserved Margin.” So, what is “Reserved Margin”?
  • It’s easy to reach 15%~50% APR with arbitrage strategies, and I’m going to show you how to arbitrage from these inefficiencies.
  • TRC20 USDT withdrawal usually takes less than 5 minutes from submission to completion.

This tutorial will show you how and when to use TokenTact automatons, as well as what transaction alternatives are open and how the exchange’s pricing structure works. It provides an automated crypto trading environment for smart trade bot with custom trading strategies to get excellent results. The other major disadvantage is there is no demo feature with which users can test the bots before using them with real, live money. Additionally, users may only deposit crypto assets to use at TokenTact, as fiat deposits are not supported unless using TokenTact Lite. So users who are newer to crypto and do not yet own crypto assets will first need to buy them at another exchange before sending them to TokenTact to use.

TokenTact review

Dear GG, when you choose BTC Mainnet to withdraw BTC, 0.0005BTC will be collected here as the miner fee, so when you withdraw a small amount, it’s easy for you to encounter this situation. We suggest that you can use BEP20 or HECO chain to withdraw BTC, the transfer miner fee of these chains is very cheap. The vendor provides tutorials, video guides, a blog, and an FAQ section to help users. You can set up a trailing sell order to lock in profit with a trigger price of $35k and a trailing % of 10%.

TokenTact offers a live chatbot at the bottom of the screen that can be used to communicate with the customer support team. The team behind the chat was responsive and responded within 5 minutes. Although they were unable to provide a clear answer on the credit card fees applied by the external provider. There is also a support and FAQ section, however, their depth of information is limited compared to other exchange support areas. To compare TokenTact’s fees, the table below provides a comparison against some of the top spot exchanges in the world such as Binance, KuCoin, Huobi and Coinbase. Overall, the fees on TokenTact offer great value-for-money for trading crypto-to-crypto and using automated bots.

Stablecoins, such as USDT, are also supported, providing a good option to avoid price fluctuations between exchanges and limit the possibility of account capital dropping. You can choose from different bots like grid trading, DCA, rebalancing, arbitrage, etc. You can easily set up and manage your bots on the web browser or mobile app. You can also adjust the settings to suit your strategies and goals. When you use the spot future arbitrage bot, you may profit from price disparities between the current spot price of a crypto asset and the current price of that cryptocurrency in the futures market. For as little as $50, you may get started with this bot, which seeks to deliver a return of 15-50% annualized rate of return with very minimal risk.

It has its own cryptocurrency exchange and built-in trading platform, eliminating the need for an external API connection. On March 25, 2023, I got access to the early beta version and created several TokenTact futures grid bots for testing. After the test, I discovered that the TokenTact futures grid had many advantages over the spot grid. As there is no regulation, the people running the platform can pocket your money while bearing no responsibility for their criminal actions. Companies providing online investment services without a license cannot provide their clients with any sort of protection. In contrast, regulated firms are required by law to adhere to a slew of regulations that ensure the safety of clients’ funds.

Traders that already have a cryptocurrency in their portfolio can also get in built trading bots. It always enables you “purchase low and sell high” 24 hours a day, but it only accounts for a small fraction of your cash compared to GRID Bot. The TokenTact bots offer trading bot access with very low trading fees to automate trading and get positive user ranking pushing. TokenTact is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange that arrives with 16 built-in trading robots, unlike other digital currencies that require consumers to communicate with a trading bot. When trading with Plus500, there are a variety of payment options accessible; different brokers support different deposit and withdrawal methods. Each trade payment option has its own set of benefits and cons in terms of costs, processing times, and limits.

Plus500 demo accounts allow you to experience and practice a variety of market charts, Plus500 trading indicators, and trading strategies using Plus500. The most common non-trading fees include Plus500 withdrawal fees, Plus500 deposit fees and Plus500 inactivity fees. Trading fees on Plus500 are taken in the form of the spreads Plus500 offers when buying and selling financial instruments like CFDs on stocks, commodities, fiat currencies and indexes on Plus500. All in all, we’ve heard good things about the TokenTact mobile-based app.

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